Savage: The Battle for Newerth was originally released by S2 Games in 2003. These guys have since made other games like Savage 2, Heroes of Newerth, Strife and Savage: Ressurection. In 2018 S2 Games was quietly closed. Today in 2020 only Heroes of Newerth, now maintained by Frostburn Studios, and Savage: The Battle for Newerth (Savage XR), maintained by our Newerth Team, are still being played.

From 2005 to 2007 the game was improved by the SEP/SFE team, including notably the legendary "Uttar" and "WhiteDwarf". The roots for Savage XR were set with the foundation of in 2006, stemming from the competitive clan website of "Evolved" and its forum community named "The EvO Community". The administrators of "Evolved" found it difficult to get people to contribute to their community because of the inter-clan rivalry and the competitive nature of Savage. These limitations were thus overcome by founding, which soon became the home of the whole Savage Community. In 2007 Newerth acquired the source code for Savage: The Battle for Newerth and announced its continued development with Savage XR.

Savage XR Team Members Django - Founding Developer
Mohican - Lead Developer
Daemon - Lead Artist
H3027 - Lead Advertising
Groentjuh - Lead Server Admin

Over the years, other people have helped the team. Their contribution has not been forgotten:

Case - Father of Shading in XR
OzzO - Co-Founder
Senthryl - Coding & Scripting
K'Jell - Graphics & Texturing
Robbo - Coding & Texturing
Epoks - Modeling/Texturing/Mapping
Mefix - Modelling/Texturing/Mapping
Notausgang - Map Database System
VaultDweller - Performance Optimisation
HaveFaith - Clan Management Panel
Hakugei - Coding & Scripting
Milka - Coding & Scripting
JmZ - US server admin
Aneurysm - Mapping
Mchief - Modeling
Irwin1138 - Coding & Modeling
Extreme - Coding & Scripting
Hethrep - Coding & Scripting
Loki - Music & Sound
No0oB - Website Developer
Pancake - Website Developer
Pingu - Website Developer
QWERTY - Coding & Scripting
Sgt - Graphics & Texturing
Sweet! - Coding & Scripting
Darkbread - Coding & Scripting
Gridfon - Coding & Scripting
Flobb - Website Developer

Savage XR 1.4 Features Savage XR includes all SEP/SFE changes as well as:
  • Simpler user-friendly installer
  • Automatic game updater
  • Shader system utilising normal mapping
  • Squad/mission system for better team coordination
  • Integrated voice over IP (VOIP)
  • In game tutorials, gameplay demos, duel and skirmish practice mode with bots emulating the fightings styles of real players
  • Python based AI-bots
  • Completely reworked trees
  • over 600 new props and new terrain textures
  • Physics engine supporting realistic collisions
  • Triggers and particle effects (with presets)
  • In-game messaging system and clan panels
  • Revamped map editor
  • Reworked in-game interface (5 HUD variants)
  • Widescreen support and alternative FOVs
  • Complete in-game stats overhaul
  • Improved voting system (private/commander votes)
  • Improved foliage system
  • Improved models and textures
  • Animated tree leafs
  • Unit animation smoothing
  • Unique items for all competitive clans
  • Lobby IRC chat & In-Game panel
  • In Game Tips System
  • 3DS Max Plugin with Animation Import
  • Full integration of Samurai Wars, Elementary, Extreme Mod and Savage Evolution Mod
  • Greatly improved modding capabilities of the Silverback engine
  • Integrated demo conversion tool
  • Cheat protection system
  • Weapon/item/unit presets
  • Automatic map updater
  • Python referee commands
  • Reworked Goodiebag system
  • Taunt system
  • 2 new AI-Worker types (Gardian/Transport)
  • The Leaders Ophelia and Jaraziah as playable units
  • New spawn structure disconnected from the main base (Outpost/Burrow)

  • A complete list of fixes and features can be found in the XR beta, XR 1.0, XR 1.1, XR 1.2, XR 1.3 and XR 1.4 release topics.