Savage XR Community Site is the official Community site for all information around Savage XR: Forums, Game Statistics, Map database, Game Wiki, XR Development News, Tournaments and Leagues, Links to Clan Forums, Technical Support, Tutorials & Guides.

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Official Newerth Community Facebook Group for all kind of News around Savage XR.

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Savage XR Main Channel

Official Savage XR Youtube Channel featuring videos and playlists of gameplay, trailers and tutorials.

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Official Savage XR eSports Channel covering all major tournaments and leagues.

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Official Savage XR reddit. Share your links, stories and participate in discussions.

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Official Savage XR Vimeo Channel with trailers and gameplay videos. If youtube videos are blocked in your country, chances are that they work on vimeo.

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Twitch is the world's leading video broadcasting platform and community for gamers. Shagroth, the most experienced player in Savage XR and champion of the 2013 duel season, is our most avid live streamer.

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