Base of the Beast Horde

The Lair is where the Beast Horde Commander gives orders to workers and warriors. This is where the Commander organizes his (or her) team. The Lair is not replaceable, and its destruction ends the game.

Lair 2

Upgraded Lair

This is an upgraded structure from the basic Lair. The hardiness of the structure is improved, the magic is increased in potency, and more units become available to the Horde. Requires: Lair, Costs: Upgrade 750

Lair 3

Upgraded Lair

This is the final upgrade where the Lair structure is improved a final time enabling the most powerful magic and Beast Horde units to become available. Requires: Lair 2, Costs: Upgrade 1500


Forward-position spawn location

The Sub-lair is a forward position structure allowing reinforcements to spawn and re-equip. It also acts as a resource drop-off point for Workers.
Requires: Lair, Costs: Upgrade 1000 1000


Re-equip on the battlefield

Cheaper version of the Sublair disconnected from the Lair. Can be used to get one-way access to areas or to buy new units on the battlefield. Requires: Lair, Costs: Upgrade 500


The Nexus is a hub of controlled energy

The Nexus harnesses natural energies, providing the Beasts with improved melee combat powers. Costs: Build 1000 1000


Mysterious relics are created and identified in the Arcana

The Arcana reveals the mysteries of magical relics. Beasts can equip these relics for use in combat against their enemies. Costs: Build 500

Strata Shrine

The powers of sky, wind, and rain

The Strata Shrine channels the energy from the sky, wind, and rain. The Strata shrine harnesses these powers for the Horde's sorcerers.
Requires: Nexus, Costs: Build 500

Fire Shrine

The destructive power of fire

Channeling energy from the sun's eternal flame, the Fire Shrine focuses destructive energy for use by the Horde sorcerers. This destructive energy is used to battle with the oppressors. Requires: Nexus, Costs: Build 500

Entropy Shrine

The energy of earth, stone, and rock

Channeling ambient energies from earth, stone and rock, Entropy Shrines focus this energy for use by the Horde. This natural energy is one of their main weapons against the Human race. Requires: Nexus, Costs: Build 500

Charm Shrine

The Charm Shrine lures players into service

This shrine fascinates the most powerful creatures, charming them into bloody service for the Horde. Without the Charm Shrine the Beasts would lose the power of several powerful allies.
Requires: Nexus, Lair 2, Costs: Build 800


Shamans learn their skills here.

Creates units that have the ability to heal and revive foot troops.
Requires: Nexus, Costs: Build 500

Defensive Spire

Structure fire magic bolts automatically

Spires are large structures that automatically fire on enemies.
Costs: Build 250 1500

Wind Spire

Defensive structure

Wind Spires use their magic to deflect and divert incoming projectiles.
Requires: Defensive Spire, Costs: Upgrade 250 3000

Flame Spire

Defensive structure

Flame Spires use their magic in defense of the Beast Horde.
Requires: Defensive Spire, Costs: Upgrade 250 3000

Healing Spire

Regenerative powers

The Healing Spire is an advanced structure that has the power to regenerate other Beast structures around it.
Requires: Defensive Spire, Costs: Upgrade 250 3000