Workers are controlled by the Commander

By imbuing the foliage with a portion of Newerth's spirit, the Horde creates a simple creature to mine, repair, and summon structures. Limit: 10.
Requires: Lair, Costs: Research 50


The Guardian is controlled by the Commander

A uniquely gifted magical creature that repairs buildings and supports warriors by regenerating health or mana. Limit: 1.
Requires: Lair 2, Entropy Shrine, Costs: Research 100 1500


Common warrior unit

Lightest of the beasts warriors, wielding bones of fallen prey.
Requires: Lair, Costs: Free


Ruthless trackers and fearless warriors

A skilled killer of feline ancestry.
Requires: Lair 2, Costs: Research 600, Price 2500


Elite Beast Warrior

The largest and toughest of the Horde's standard warriors, these fierce combatants evolved from the ancient bears.
Requires: Lair 3, Costs: Research 1200, Price 4000


Channel magical energy to heal and revive fallen units

A beast of exceptional intelligence that has trained with Ophelia in the mystic arts. Requires: Sanctuary, Costs: Research 500, Price 1500


Channel magical energy into destructive forces

The smallest of the Horde's warriors, this reptillian descendant is not much for physical combat, but wields powerful magic. Exceptional at destroying structures.
Requires: Lair 2, Charm Shrine, Costs: Research 500, Price 5500


Strong and durable pulverizers

This enormous beast is descended from elephants. He is very slow but immensly powerful, wielding an uprooted tree.
Requires: Lair 2, Charm Shrine, Costs: Research 800, Price 7500