Human nomad command center

The Stronghold is where the human Commander gives his orders to workers and players, and organizes his team. The stronghold is not replaceable and its destruction ends the game.

Stronghold 2

Upgraded Stronghold

Stronghold 2 is an upgrade to the command center which provides a reinforced structure along with improved research capabilities for developing new weapons, units, and equipment technologies.
Requires: Stronghold, Costs: Upgrade 750

Stronghold 3

Upgraded Stronghold

Stronghold 3 is the final upgrade to the command center. The structure is reinforced again and the most advanced weapons, units, and equipment are made available. Requires: Stronghold 2, Costs: Upgrade 1500


Spawn reinforcements for team

A Garrison is forward position structure allowing reinforcements to spawn and re-equip. It also acts as a resource drop-off point for Workers.
Costs: Build 1000 1000


Re-equip on the battlefield

Cheaper version of the Garrison disconnected from the Stronghold. Can be used to get one-way access to areas or to buy new units on the battlefield.
Costs: Build 500


Research and supply new weapons

The Arsenal is a central structure for researching weapons based on Archery, Chemistry, Magnetism, and Electricity. Costs: Build 500

Research Center

Research items

Research Center provides med and ammo packs as well as all items based on magnetic, electrical and chemical technology.
Requires: Arsenal, Costs: Build 500


Research magnetic technologies

The Magnetic Factorium refines magnetic field energies and provides treated materials for the production of weapons and equipment.
Requires: Arsenal, Costs: Build 800


Research electrical technologies

The Electrical Factorium provides ample power for electrical technology research, raw energy for charging the related weapons in the Arsenal, and Research Center electronic equipment.
Requires: Arsenal, Costs: Build 800


Research chemical technologies

The Chemical Factorium provides refinement and processing of raw materials for chemical weapon technologies. It provides essential materials for the Arsenal's weapons and the Research Center's dependant equipment.
Requires: Arsenal, Costs: Build 800

Siege Workshop

Research siege weapons

A Siege Workshop provides support for researching and developing advanced weapons. Requires: Arsenal, Stronghold 2, Costs: Build 800


Gain support units

The Monastery creates units that have the ability to heal and revive foot troops.
Requires: Arsenal, Costs: Build 500

Guard Tower

Structure fires Arrows automatically

Guard Towers are large structures that automatically fire on enemies. Can be upgraded into other towers.
Costs: Build 250 1500

Shield Tower

Structure generates protective shield

Shield Towers generate massive magnetic repulsion fields capable of protecting buildings within large areas from damage.
Requires: Guard Tower, Magnetical Factorium,
Costs: Upgrade 250 3000

Shock Tower

Structure fires electric pulses automatically

Shock Towers detect and destroy fire based incoming enemy projectiles. It also shocks players who attack it with melee.
Requires: Guard Tower, Electrical Factorium,
Costs: Upgrade 250 3000

Mortar Tower

Structure fires glass Bombs automatically

The tower fires powerful chemical based glass bomb mortar rounds.
Requires: Guard Tower, Chemical Factorium,
Costs: Upgrade 250 3000