Workers are controlled by the Commander

The Commander can order AI workers to mine, repair and build structures. Limit: 10.
Requires: Stronghold, Costs: Research 50


Transports are controlled by the Commander

Manned by a worker, this unique vehicle delivers health and ammo packs to the frontline warriors. Its speed and endurance benefits from the other tech lines as well. Limit: 1. Requires: Stronghold 2, Chemical Factorium
Costs: Research 100 1500


A light size human warrior

The Nomad is a basic fighter. Nomads are small and stealthy human warriors who fight for the Legion. Although they are not as strong or durable as other units, they can use any weapons or equipment available, and they are free to field. Quick attacks combined with average hit points make him a deadly assassin. Requires: Lair, Costs: Free


A medium strength warrior

Stronger than Nomads, Savages are capable of both subtle attacks and frontal assaults. Effective against enemies and structures, Savages can rampage over light enemy units. Savages are strong fighters, and moderately expensive to field.
Requires: Stronghold 2, Costs: Research 600, Price 2500


A heavy size elite warrior

Legionnaires are elite warriors. They are capable of smashing down structures and enemies with their great axes, and can withstand the sting of many arrows. They are unequaled in hand to hand combat, and are very expensive to field.
Requires: Stronghold 3, Costs: Research 1200, Price 4000


Heal and revive units

A figurehead of the Legion's religion, the Chaplain heals and aids other units. Requires: Monastery, Costs: Research 500, Price 1500


Direct fire siege vehicle

Ballistas are high powered weapon systems capable of firing directly at enemy siege vehicles, units and structures. Ballistas reload slowly, but compensate with accuracy.
Requires: Stronghold 2, Siege Workshop,
Costs: Research 500, Price 4000


Indirect fire siege vehicle

Catapults are designed to destroy enemy structures. They launch explosive projectiles great distances, take a very long time to reload, and are extremely expensive to field.
Requires: Stronghold 3, Siege Workshop,
Costs: Research 800, Price 7500